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I am an artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a singer, a fantastic cook (it’s true), and I love fashion. But more importantly, I’m a wife to an amazing guy, and a mom to 3 incredibly cute (and also creative) young kiddos. We have a crazy Bengal cat named Duchess and a Jackson Chameleon that are also a part of the family. I homeschool and my husband and I both work from home, so there is always something going on in our house. I am also an extreme extrovert – I just love people. My love for people exceeds my love for art, and that says a lot.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and from a young age was exposed to many different styles and forms of art. My childhood consisted of days exploring local museums, taking private art lessons, and even starting my first business selling my art in Kindergarten. After excelling in art schools, competitions and receiving top recognition & awards from high school, I chose to attend Cal State Fullerton’s Fine Art Program to further develop my craft. During this time I was also exposed to the art scene in Laguna Beach and fell in love with that energetic art community.

In my 20s, I moved to the heart of LA and was influenced heavily by the music scene. I was experimenting more with my creativity and pushing more boundaries. My work began shifting from a renaissance influenced realism to pop art. My artwork began to transform into the more vibrant and bold pieces that I create today. 

In the summer of 2017 we relocated from sunny Southern California to Atlanta, Georgia. We were in pursuit of new adventures, and we felt strongly called to the southern way of life. The art culture of the East Coast has always been enticing and I’m excited to be here and ready to meet new artists and experience this art scene for myself.

My love for art has always been present, and my expression of art has always been fluid. I am inspired by different spaces, by the light, and by different materials. Art installations, or custom creating commissioned artwork for a specific space is one of my favorite challenges. To this day, I continually do things that aren’t the norm in a pursuit of doing new creative things. I find beauty in the world that God created and its my joy to share my personal expression of the things around me. Thank you so much for visiting my site, please follow me on Instagram to get to know me more! 

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